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The energy system is undergoing enormous changes. The structure of production is transformed and the behavior of the system is increasingly being determined by distributed renewable energy sources. Consumers are taking on new roles. The dynamics of the system is increasingly shaped by the rapidly controllable power electronic devices. More and more sensors are being deployed to the network and the number of devices capable of distributed data processing / control / regulation is increasing. The communication between them requires new IT technologies, handling and processing large amounts of data.

This extremely exciting, ever-changing sector requires new approaches, innovative products and services. Their rapid development and testing under real operating conditions as well as adapting to new challenges are key to competitiveness.

We, the team of the MVM Smart Power Laboratory are there to assist our partners in seizing these opportunities.

In April 2017, the FIEK project was established under the leadership of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics and with the participation of four industrial partners (MVM, Siemens / Rolls-Royce, Nokia, Richter), funded by the "Centre for Higher Education and Industrial Cooperation – Development of Research Infrastructure (FIEK_16)" with the support of the National Research Development and Innovation Fund. The joint four-year R&D&I programme of BME and MVM, as well as the creation of a laboratory with unique capabilities in the region, were the first, but very marked, steps in the path of long-term cooperation.

In the MVM Smart Power Laboratory, we work to expand scientific knowledge with high-impact research results. Our further goal is to provide advanced education for the professionals of the future. On this basis, we want to assist our partners in developing competitive products, solutions and services.




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