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OPAL-RT OP-5700 Real-time simulator

An equipment capable of performing SIL, CHIL, RCP and PHIL simulations. It is capable of phasor or EMT-type simulations of power systems (or other physical systems) in real time, along with the power electronics components, even using multiple-timestep (power electronics with ns resolution, VER us resolution).

PuissancePlus PCU 3x7000 Power amplifier

This linear, four-quadrant power amplifier can amplify the OP-5700 simulator's signals at a power level of 21 kVA with a bandwidth of 20 kHz, thus making it suitable for connecting real devices, prividing or absorbing power.

Cinergia GE+ AC/DC 30 Regenerative grid simulator

This equipment is capable of emulating power supplies of different power levels up to 30 kVA, providing power flow in both directions, meaning it is suitable for simulating different power disturbances (unbalance, harmonics, voltage sags, etc.).

Cinergia EL+ AC/DC 20 Regenerative electric load

This equipment is capable of the physical emulation of different types of loads (resistive, inductive, capacitive, asymmetric, non-linear) of power levels up to 20 kVA.

Cinergia B2C+ AC/DC 20 Regenerative PV or battery emulator

This equipment is capable of emulating batteries or solar cells with varying characteristics at power levels up to 20 kVA.

OIG CES Power BatteryBox LI-ion battery

This is a 10 kW/7.2 kWh Li-ion battery.

Imperix RCP Rapid prototyping system

A system for rapid prototyping of power electronic devices: embedded controller and eight bridges with a power of 6...10 kW each, with LC filters.

Triphase (NI) Rapid prototyping system

A system for rapid prototyping of power electronic devices: embedded controller and 2x15 kW power stage with LCL filters.

Danfoss FC302 inverters Rapid prototyping system

A rapid prototyping system for power electronic devices: 4 inverters controllable via the dSpace MicroLabbox development system: with power levels of 1.5 kW, 3 kW, 5.5 kW, 11 kW

Arcol FFLB Resistive electric load

Resistive artificial load (max. 3 x 5 kW)

Low-voltage cable system 800m

A low-voltage cable system with a total length of several hundred metres, consisting of sections of different cross-sections, suitable for the laboratory implementation of a real-life grid, with multiple connection points for generators, consumers, and/or batteries.

DEWE2-PA7 Mixed signal Power Analyzer

It is suitable for direct (or via instrument transformers) voltage and current measurements (24A peak, 2000V peak), long time measurement data acquisition and, in addition to basic evaluation (RMS time functions, power calculations, etc.), evaluations according to IEC 61000-4-7 and IEC-61400-21.

Measurment / data acquisition/ control

Programmable data loggers and controllers (high performance NI cRIO systems and industrial PCs)

LeCroy Wavesurfer 510

High bandwidth four-channel digital scope

Omicron CMS 356 voltage and current amplifier   

Precision voltage and current amplifier

OPAL MSCC Amplifier

Voltage and current amplifiers

Server, SW

  • High performance server
  • Network simulation software
  • MATLAB/Simulink
  • Optimisation software (CPLEX, AMPL)


Exata CPS software system, capable of full depth emulation of the info-communication system for real-time electrical co-simulation