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The  lab  supports 

  • R&D  activities  aimed  at  developing innovative  solutions  for  energy  systems,
  • pre-qualification of new devices, and
  • System operators by pre-implementation  testing of novel transmission and distribution solutions along with the “digital twin” concept
  • Develpoment of new electricity market designs and clearing methods.

System components that cannot be physically included  in  the  test  (e.g.  high  and  medium  voltage network  elements)  can  be  simulated  in  real  time  and connected  to  the  physical  devices  via  a  power hardware  interface,  thus  emulating  real-world conditions  to  the  tested  device,  where  it  can  interact with  the  simulation  bidirectionally. 

Similarly,  the infocommunication  system  can  also  be  physically implemented  or  emulated  in  detail. 

The  size, granularity,  and  time  resolution  of  the  modeled systems can be flexibly customized.


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